Book titles with one letter missing

Think about a well-known book. Then think what its title would become if you removed just one letter.

For instance, Snow Falling on Cedars might become Sow Falling on Cedars – A wistful portrait of a time when pigs actually flew. [Credit: CBC2 Shift, August 2011]

Or Moby Dick might become Mob Dick – A private detective is blackmailed into working for a crime boss in 1949 Los Angeles. [Credit: Paul Cavanagh, just now]

Got the picture? Add your own Book Titles With One Letter Missing below. We’ll post our favourites at our Book Party London event on May 26.

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3 thoughts on “Book titles with one letter missing”

  1. “Lolit” by Vladimir Nabokov – A guide to low-light photography (Summer, age redacted)
    “The Graveyard Boo” by Neil Gaiman – A prankster startles visitors to a local cemetery (Sophie, age 12)

  2. Annoying kid with no social graces: “Oliver Twit”
    And you’re already late for work: “In Search of Lost Tie”
    A punctual simian (this appeared in a New York Times crossword): “A Clockwork Orang”

    paul nash

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