"And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?"

Walk About Wonderland

Upon your arrival, help yourself to afternoon tea. Then stroll about. Play one of our party games. Visit our photo booth. Live music provided by Southern Ontario Ukulele Players.

Mad Hatter’s Welcome

Our Mad Hatter lets you know what the afternoon has in store (in his own deranged and amusing way).

Tea Party Talk

Get to know the people at your table. (A little icebreaker)

Bookish Debaters

Is truth stranger than fiction? Two debaters offer hilariously opposing views. Vote for the winner.

A Very Curious Story

Along with the people at your table, contribute a sentence to a story we’ll all build together (with the Mad Hatter’s guidance). What could go wrong?

Who Stole the Tarts?

Stretch your legs. Fill your tea cup. Visit party games you may have missed.

Playing Card Shuffle

Meet new friends as we mix things up a bit.

Who Am I?

Put your heads together to identify a well-known literary figure from a series of clues.

Farewell to Wonderland

The Mad Hatter sends you off, but not before announcing the day’s prize winners. Feel free to stay and mingle after the party.